Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exploring Pantographs

Recently I was asked to recommend a beginner (easy) pantograph. This brought to mind the process  I went through when I purchased my APQS Millennium five years ago. I would spend hours online looking for the perfect quilting design that  would allow a newbie like me to create a quilting design on a customer quilt that looked like I had been quilting for years.  I have built my business using pantographs and would love to share with you some of my favorites over the next several posts.

When you are building your inventory I would suggest starting out with a good feather, flower, leaf, geometric or "guy" design, and a design that would do well on a baby quilt.  Having spent $$$ on pantographs I  would recommend  trying to resist impulse buying to start with.  Look for patterns that have registration lines for the next row.  This will make advancing the quilt for row placement much easier.   Look for a design that "nests".   If a pattern nests well you should not be able to tell where one row ends and the next row begins.  

Plumage is my favorite easy feather.   Practice following with the laser for a couple of passes and you will be ready to quilt your first all over feather.  

Thanks for stopping by.