Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Studio

Welcome, I thought I would give you a tour of my  "Happy Place"' my studio.  I have an APQS  Millennium that sits on a 14' frame.  When she first arrived we had to get creative when finding her a place and space that was functional.  In the absence of the ultimate room, my husband created a place in our basement for Maxine and me to spend time and energy.  Hint: When purchasing a longarm machine advance planning about the space needed would be helpful. 
Frame Room

Pantograph Storage
The frames on the back wall is where I store my pantographs.  My husband made these with  peg boards, which I painted,  and then framed them with molding to give them stability.  I laced elastic through the holes to hold the pantographs in place.  I love it!  No more scavenger hunts.

Thread Storage

Office Area 

Thanks for stopping by Maxine and Me Quilting Studio.


Thread Storage takes place in this old 40's Hooser Cabinet.  I love being able to use this piece form the past. I use old milk glass for tools, pins, and markers. I like having these things surround me when I am working.  It makes me smile.

Milk Glass
My office space is in a connecting room. I have an HP TouchSmart Computer that I use to create quilting design ideas. The touch screen allows me to download a picture from my camera or phone and draw directly on the screen to audition different ideas. Ironing board, book shelves, treadmill, television and FABRIC also fill this space.   

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Maxine

Many have wondered who Maxine is; Maxine is my 2008 APQS Millennium. I gave very thoughtful consideration when I was choosing her name, much like naming a pet, car or child. Sounds silly but I feel like anyone or anything I spend so much time with needs a name. She has been a faithful friend since we were introduced to one another in January 2009. She purrs as she stitches along without a hiccup as long as I keep her clean and oiled.  She does not talk back, is never sick and does not complain when I ignore her for a couple of days.  So you can see why I gave her a name. 
Her name was chosen in honor of my great aunt Maxine Howell. I grew up in Nebraska and spent summers on the farm with my aunt and uncle in Gothenburg, Nebraska. One of my favorite memories was the time spent lying on the floor beneath a quilt frame watching a group of ladies work together to quilt a pieced top. They would take turns bringing in tops they had worked on through the winter and by the end of the summer each had a completed quilt. What a wonderful community of friends and neighbors. I'm sure those ladies have no idea how they impacted the love I have for quilts and the relationships I treasure with my quilting friends.  Unfortunately my Aunt Maxine would not live to see me quilting but her namesake reminds of her daily and makes me smile.