Friday, September 21, 2012


Life whisked me away from my blog just as I was planning my "new beginning". I'm back, a few weeks later than planned, but ready to explore the blog world.

I arrived home from MQS and was excited to try some of the new techniques that I had learned in class. Penny's quilt, Serendipity Sampler pattern by Kim Diehl , provided the perfect palate for some background gridwork fill.  This was a new skill I picked up in Dawn Cavanaugh's class: Background Gridwork Fillers. The biggest challenge was having the confidence to get started and the second challenge, marking the grids.  While the class helped me with the skill the inspiration came form my friend Kathleen's Serendipity Sampler, quilted by Rosemary Cushman.  After hours of self talk and trying different marking tools I was able to successfully quilt Penny's quilt.  I was pleased with the end result and am looking forward to expanding my gridwork skills. 

Serendipity Sampler


Coming in January 2013 - Serendipity Sampler!
at Knit One Smock Too - Instructor, Kathleen Baden